Scooby-Doo Party

One of my darling friends Tiffanie Bryant threw a Scooby-Doo Party for her little girl Ella,
and I had to share some pictures I took from was such a fun party and a darling theme!
Tiffanie made the birthday cake herself, she is so talented.

Happy Birthday to the cutest, funniest Ella... we love you!


Birthday Girl



Tyler & Ella...they are too cute!


Fowler family said...

It's so fun that you too know each other! I knew Tiffanie when our husbands were in MBA school together. We were actually in a babysitting co-op swap together, and she taught "mommy bootcamp" to us a couple times a week (she's so awesome at this!). Happy Birthday Ella, what a cool mom you have!

Tiffanie said...

Tiff, thanks for taking these pictures! I love them all! And I love the picture layouts that you did!

Anna, you are so sweet! It's great to hear from you! I hope you guys are all doing well!

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