"LUCKY" Vday Template

I thought it would be cute to design a template to go with a 
"Spade of Hearts" 
playing card this year for my kiddos 
Valentines Day Card
So here it is!

You can put the template on one side of the playing card, and the actual card is on the other side!
Just cut it out and glue it on, it's that simple.

The template is $10
Email me the name that you want on the template,
and I will send you an 8x10 file with multiple cards on it so you can print multiples.

IDEAS to go with your card:
I added my childs to a cute dye cut that you can purchase at Pebbles In My Pocket.
I then filled it with my kids favorite candy,
added a Pom-Pom,
 attached a "XOXO" tag also purchased from Pebbles In My Pocket
and ta da~ there you have it!

I hope you all have a grand

Photobucket Photobucket

Pebbles In my Pocket also offers other DARLING Valentines Day Ideas for you!
Look at this "OwL" that you can fill with yummy treats 
it can also be purchased already filled with treats & a VT message for the sisters you Visit Teach.
I LOVE Pebbles!  
Follow them on Instagram: @pebblesinmypocket


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